General furniture care

For your fine furniture and antiques we recommend a light weekly dusting with a VERY slightly damp, clean cloth. Approximately once a month use a fine polish like Guardsman, applied per the manufacturers directions.

DO NOT use any polishes or cleaners that contain silicones.

Occasionally you may need to use a furniture cleaner or soap if excess dirt or grease has accumulated on the surface. This is commonly seen along the upper backs of older dining chairs. Be careful! If the finish is old, and has softened because of contact with skin oils, or over polishing, you may remove the finish along with the dirt and grease. We normally recommend Mineral spirits as a cleaner, used sparingly. Most soaps contain an abrasive, and could clean the finish right off. Guardsman makes an excellent cleaner. After dusting or cleaning, immediately wipe any excess liquid from your wood surfaces. Today's finishes are resistant but not water proof. We recommend a table pad set to protect your best dining table from damage while entertaining. Please call the shop - we can have a custom table pad set made and shipped directly to you.

If you have a newly finished piece, we recommend that you refrain from placing anything heavy on it for thirty days. Our new catalyzed lacquer finishes will dry to 80% of their total strength within a few days. Total curing though takes one month, and during that time the finish may become indented if proper care is not taken.

Try to keep the humidity level in your home above 30% if possible. Large plants in pots placed on 3 to 4 inch deep trays filled with rocks and water act as natural humidifiers. If you use portable humidifiers, be very careful that the water does not condense on the wood surfaces nearby.

Last but not least, keep our furniture out of direct sunlight. Between the heat and the UV rays, light is deadly to furniture.

If you have a specific question about furniture care, ask us a question directly via our weekly blog, the contact form on our home page, via e-mail or by calling us at (303)798-3220.

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