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Caring for your upholstered furniture

After your investment in redoing your upholstered pieces, we can recommend a few things to maintain their beauty. Many fabrics come with Scotchguard or Teflon coatings from the mills. These are topical coatings, and wear off gradually as the piece is used. If only there was an indicator attached to your upholstered item to let you know when you're out of protection! Also, after being professionally cleaned - these treatments need to be reapplied - they clean off. Please ask your favorite cleaning service to do so after each cleaning.

There are also after market products available that are applied AFTER the piece is upholstered that do not clean off, and have a 10-year warranty against stains. These can be applied in our shop prior to delivery, at a nominal charge. We highly recommend this for dining chairs, upholstered kitchen chairs and light colored fabrics.

One of the best ways to maintain the new look of your fabrics is a regular vacuuming to remove accumulated dust and soil. Even if invisible to the eye, dirt gets into the very fiber of the fabric and irritates it - causing wear.

Keeping your fabrics clean will add years to the life expectancy. Sunlight is another problem for most fine fabrics. Besides the obvious color fading, some natural fabrics break down when subjected to ultraviolet rays and heat cycles.

Keeping draperies or shades drawn during the day helps. If you reside in a home where this is impossible, consider having a clear or colored film applied to your windows to help block the harmful rays. Remember that even indirect light contains UV rays.