Our fifth generation is continuing the family business and carrying on our tradition of craftsmanship, reliability and customer service.
Five generations of craftsmanship

As an immigrant in the late 1800's, our great, great grandfather came to America from the old country, along with thousand of other skilled craftsmen. He brought with him his training as a master cabinet builder. In those days getting a master certification required a background in all phases of woodworking, furniture repair and building, finishing and touch-up techniques, even frame building and upholstery.

But beyond just that knowledge was an Old World work ethic that said the client deserved the best that he or she could expect/receive - the best service, the best material, the best craftsmanship. That same work ethic is alive today in our family shops in Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver.

We recognize that family pieces don't have to have monetary value to have a place in the heart, and so each and every item we touch gets the same care and consideration. Our reward is the knowledge that no matter what we labor over, that piece will go on to give another generation joy.

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