We hand-carve blocks of wood to recreate missing arms, legs or back slats. Like it was done 100 years ago.
Ackerman's Services

The climate that people find so wonderful here in Colorado is the worst type of climate for your fine furniture. The humidity can be as low as 7% one week and as high as 100% the next. Wood takes in and looses this moisture just as quickly expanding and contracting, loosening old hide glue joints and causing splitting and cracking of joints and panels.

Each piece of furniture will react differently, depending on it's age, the way it was made and the general maintenance of the item. Many things can be the cause of damage, and the wood or fabric, construction and general condition of the item will determine the most effective repair. Without seeing an item, it is very difficult to give an accurate evaluation of the best solution to repair.

If you have a way to bring your loose, wobbly chair or dog chewed table to the shop, we can quickly give you an estimate. Any thing you can bring to us will be the most economical resolution since there would be no pick-up & delivery fees involved and our shop time charge is less than our in home repair fees.

Some things can be effectively repaired in the home. However, if it requires disassembly and regluing, laminating in new wood, or refinishing, the piece will need to be brought in to the shop. Please give us a call for a general idea of the best course of action or bring in your damaged item for a free estimate for repairs - we do need to see it.