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Claims services

So you have recently moved to our area and you have incurred transit related damages - what to do?

First - contact the van line or moving company that moved you. Have their claims department send or fax you their standard moving claim form. As soon as you have completed the form, return it to the van lines ASAP - they will then assign it to an adjuster and give you a claim number. After reviewing the submitted claim - the adjuster will then assign the claim to a local repair firm in your area that specializes in handling all forms of transit related damages - such as Ackerman & Sons. At that point the repair firm should contact you within 24 hours to arrange an appointment for an inspection and/or repairs - depending upon the type of insured coverage and the severity of the damages.

During our first visit and inspection we will go through your claim form item by item with you, inspect the damage and verify that it is transit related. In addition to furniture and upholstery we will inspect china, glassware, artwork, pictures, electronics, kitchenware, appliances, clothing, any and everything that may have been damaged. We will then make a full report back to your adjuster.

Under normal circumstances the van line or moving company then authorizes repairs to be done. When the repairs are completed to your satisfaction you will be asked to sign a release - at which point we will bill the movers directly for our time. Your adjuster in the claims office and our staff are there to help you resolve the problems from a difficult move - please feel free to ask any questions you may have - we are here to help.

Sometimes, pieces cannot be adequately repaired in the home and will have to come into our shop. We will schedule a pick-up of damaged items and begin repairs ASAP. In shop repairs and touch-up normally require approximately 2 weeks. If a piece needs complete refinishing, it can take 4-6 weeks depending on the item and the finishing techniques required to return it to original condition.

We give the van lines and moving companies and their clients priority for in-shop work and do our best to make everyone happy.

Occasionally on a big move, items are 'missing' on delivery. Please advise your adjuster of every detail you can to help them trace and recover lost items. There is very good successes rate - don't despair.

Experienced staff

Ackerman & Sons has developed the best and most experienced claims service in Colorado. Our claims manager knows all aspects of the business. Our expert 'on the road' staff are typically booked 4 to 5 days ahead, but can handle same day emergencies. In the shop, our craftsmen use their remarkable talents to repair and touch-up the most severe damage - true artisans.

If an item needs complete refinishing, our refinishing staff will take care of it on a priority basis. Each of our personnel take great pride in their work and really enjoy meeting and working with new clients. Helping resolve problems is very rewarding when a simple or very complex claim is completed and everyone involved is happy.