We hand-carve blocks of wood to recreate missing arms, legs or back slats. Like it was done 100 years ago.
Insurance claims services

When your home has incurred damage - flood, fire, vandalism, etc. the procedures are very similar to a moving claim, with the following exceptions. Often claims adjusters want an estimate for repair prior to settlement. We do charge an hourly fee for coming to your home and writing a detailed description of damage and estimates for repair. This charge is normally covered by your insurance. When requested to do an inspection, we will need a faxed authorization from your insurance adjuster prior to the appointment.

Insurance companies often do not have the authority to authorize repairs. We require a signature from the insured person authorizing us to proceed, specifying that either the insurance company will pay us directly or the insured person will be responsible for payment upon completion of work. A signed release of satisfactory work will be obtained and forwarded to the insurance company with an invoice for payment prior to delivery. Occasionally the damages are greater than the items value and a cash settlement for replacement is rendered instead of repairs.

This system works very well when everyone involved understands who is responsible for what. Work closely with your adjuster, as each company has different procedures. We are here to get your furniture and your life back to normal as soon as possible!

Ackerman & Sons will make every effort to help you in resolving your claim with your insurance company in a timely and professional manner. Please call us with any further questions at (303)798-3220.