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On-Site Services

Professional maintenance keeps your furniture in tip-top shape.

For minor issues, such as small scratches, dings, dents, and repairs, we offer on-site repair services. Our on-site craftsman can work miracles with little effort on your part and limited downtime for your furniture. 

We also offer a furniture maintenance program called Prime & Polish, which is a great way to keep the furniture in your home or business looking and functioning its best. This program is offered at regular intervals that work for your schedule and needs. 

While many normal wear-and-tear repairs can be resolved on site, if a job is deemed too involved to be done to our standards at your location, we’ll recommend the project be moved to our workshop.

Furniture repair and restoration in Denver, Colorado

15+ years

Average years of experience for our on-site repairmen.
Furniture repair in Denver, Colorado

How can we help?

For minor repairs, email us to schedule one of our on-site repairmen to come to you.  

who chooses on-site?

Many of our on-site repair and maintenance customers have recently experienced a move or an emergency situation like a flood.

Others, choose our on-site option to ensure their furniture is properly cared for and maintained on a regular basis. This option can be ideal for commercial locations such as banks, offices, shared living spaces, etc.