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Water & Fire Damage

Insurance claims require unique solutions.

When your home, office, or building experiences a disaster such as a flood or fire, one of your first calls, once everyone is safe, may be to your insurance provider. Often, your provider will send an inspector or adjuster to your location to determine the extent of the damage and recommend next steps. In many cases, the first step is a remediation or clean-up crew sent in to “clean up” your space in preparation for repairs and rebuilding. All too often, these well-intentioned crews destroy furniture in the process of cleaning up. 

Our team of experienced craftsmen have restored, rebuilt, repaired, and reupholstered  cherished and valuable pieces so damaged their owners thought there was little hope. If you experience a fire or water disaster and you have furniture you value, please call us for a free on-site evaluation immediately. We’ll give you our best advice as to what is, and is not, salvageable before it’s too late.

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