Timeless style that’s worth preserving.

A unique and timeless design – many modern and antique pieces of furniture have cane, rush, or woven seats, backs, doors, and more. These styles are more fragile than other typical wooden or upholstered alternatives and call for professional furniture repair services. Cane furniture repair is a delicate practice that requires years of practice to master.

Fortunately, when these pieces of furniture break or are in need of a refresh, Ackerman & Sons can help.

Practicing the Long Tradition of Cane Furniture Repair

Cane furniture, typically made from the rattan plant, is known for its open, airy woven pattern that provides a light and breezy feel. Performing cane furniture repair is a delicate process that requires expertise in weaving and repairing the intricate patterns of cane furniture, ensuring that the finished product is both beautiful and sturdy.

Caning Furniture Repair in Denver, Colorado



By preserving this traditional craft, our artisans can restore old and worn-out cane pieces, allowing them to be cherished for many years to come. The art of cane furniture repair is not only a tribute to the past but also a sustainable practice that promotes the longevity of this unique furniture style.

The Art of Woven Rush

Alongside cane furniture, we practice the woven art of rush which involves crafting intricate patterns and designs using natural fibers like grasses or reeds. Unlike wicker furniture, which is made from flexible branches or vines, rush furniture offers a more solid and tightly woven structure for long-term stability. This technique requires skill and precision to create stunning, durable pieces that showcase the natural beauty of the materials used. The art of weaving rush has been practiced for centuries, and our craftsmen use these techniques to deliver high-quality rush chair repairs in Denver and beyond. 

Each material has its own charm and characteristics, making them suitable for different styles and preferences. At Ackerman & Sons, we offer hand and machine cane, rush, splint, Danish rope, and flat fabric repairs. In addition, there are several other types of chairs in similar styles that we can repair and restore. If you’re unsure which style you have, send us a picture via email! We’ll take a look and share our professional insights on your unique piece.

Dedicated Cane & Rush Craftsmen

Cane and rush chair repair in Denver is an art and a craft that requires expertise and precision. We understand the unique challenges that come with repairing these delicate pieces of furniture and have highly trained cane and rush specialists on staff. Get in touch with our team today to get an estimate to repair rush or recane a chair in Denver.


Our craftsmen have repaired thousands of pieces of cane and rush furniture. This timeless look requires a trained professional to expertly repair, and these pieces tend to last longer when maintained and used properly. With our experienced craftsmen, you can trust that your cane and rush furniture will be expertly repaired, allowing you to continue enjoying their classic beauty for years to come.

Explore our past projects today to find inspiration and see our approach to cane furniture repair and more.